Cute cat...until he rips your face off.

Cats are some furry animals.They like to play and are very fluffy and cuddly.You can get them as pets.Some people are allergic to them and die.

Fetus the catEdit

Fetus the cat was born behind a dumpster,and left for dead.He crawled out onto the road.He then Died...But he didnt.Years later fetus was a rich,succesful cat,with a beutiful wife and 3 cute kittens,but being born behind a dumpster and being abandoned haunts him to this day.One day he decided to meet his mother and father,bit he had to cross lava mountain.He summoned the help of Sour Coke the Dog to help him.They had to kill 89898988 giants to get to the mountain,then 8858765467 dragons,and then had to watch 2 girls one cup,then a remix,and then a remix with some black man laughing.Then they had to battle a couple of black ops squads only with a mathematical compass.Then they got over the mountain and entered a small village called Dumbbacomfor.They found the mom and dad,had cup of tea and ciscuits and then died from a giant metorite,because the day was 23 of december,2012.Bow bow bow...

Sour Cokes RetureEdit

After they had Fetus's funeral,sour coke was sad.They hadn't even found his old friends body.He began drinking at the local bar,going there every night.He made a couple new friends,Ben the Bear,Acid the Lioness and Wonka the Frog.They metorite had devestated everywhere,and you had to be careful of dem deathclaws.Oh yeahhh dem death claws gon kill ya man.So when sour coke was leaving the bar,he had to get out his shotgun cause of an approaching deathclaw.He killed it pretty easily.When he got to his aparment,he slumped on the couch,only to be greeted by the ghost of fetus."What the fuck" sour coke said.Suddenly,the ghost dissapeared."...uhh" said coke.He did not know what the fuck just happened.

^^^Thats why you should looks out for cats,and dogs...Edit

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